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Korea Ceramic is a representative company for the material industry.

We are trying for affluent future as focused on faith in human being and the love of nature.
Based on indomitable creativity and perpetual challenge spirit, we will keep growing to be a leading company in this field.


We will do our best for the continuous research and development about water related multi functions and effectiveness through various combination of each different natural ore materials with water.
This is our perpetual challenge for the development of new products.
Meantime we are actively on our marketing into local market and overseas market for our existing best products, which is already developed and released by our registered bio technology patents.
In future, we will try more to make world best product, which is based on natural material development for good water generation and try to be remained as a future bio venture company for human health and faith of human being.
Again, we appreciate your visiting of our homepage.
We will be always same in trying for contributing to our customers and society.
Thank you.


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Our History

  • 2004. 02

    Foundation of G&BC

    2004. 10

    Registration of manufacturing water purifiers ( 5 kinds)

  • 2006. 06

    Manufacturing license of medical devices from KFDA - Korea Food and Drug Administration

    2006. 06

    Certification number of good manufacturing practice from GMP

  • 2007. 01

    Manufacturing license of medical devices - 3 items added

    2007. 03

    ISO Certification : ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

    2007. 05

    Registered cooperation of Water & People Co., Ltd
    Inauguration of CEO - Yoo Hee Jae

    2007. 06

    Certification of Venture company - Korea Technology Finance cooperation

  • 2012. 04

    Joint CEO inauguration - Kim Sung Bae & Yoo Hee Jae

    2012. 07

    Inauguration as a director in KOWPIC (Korea Water Purifier Industry Cooperative)

  • 2014. 04

    Registration of door to door sales and telemarketing - Bucheon City

    2014. 05

    Registration of General import retail business - Bucheon City

    2014. 10

    Selection of Quality improvement technology business from Kyeonggi Regional Small Medium Business Administration

  • 2018. 03

    Return Q-GM505 - Registration at Public Procurement Service (Korea)

    2018. 06

    New Department in Publicity Media Business

Our Certification

  • Certification

    •Patent registration No. 10-0646050 - Active carbon compound that discharges far infra-red rays and rotational electromagnetic waves
    •Patent registration No. 10-0846882 - Self-purification water ball
    •Patent registration No. 10-0939586 - Alkali reduction water purification filter and alkali reduction water purifier
    •Patent registration No. 10-0887888 - Alkaline reduced water generating device
    •Patent registration No. 10-1182347 - Ceramic membrane filter and ceramic balls
    •Patent registration No. 10-0894517 - Alkaline water producing device
    •Patent registration No. 10-2011-0138370 - Alkali water generating equipment
    •Patent registration No. 10-2012-0072234 -Water purification system generating reduced water for seawater desalination


    •Utility model registration No. 0353910 - Self-purification water bottle
    •Utility model registration No. 0384534 - Filter structure for water purifiers
    •Utility model registration No. 0250053 - Water bottle
    •Design registration No. 0371930 - Case for ceramic balls
    •Design registration 2009.07.23 - Head for water purifying filters
    •Trademark registration number 0626335 : Registered 2 trademarks
    •Trademark registration number 2012.08.27 : Large capacity water purifier
    •Manufacturing license number of medical devices : 2350 (KFDA)
    •Certification number of good manufacturing practice (GMP) : KETI-AB-090117
    •Manufacturing license of water purifiers 4 kinds
    •ISO Certification : ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
    •Venture enterprise certificate
    •Under Patent registration for another water purification system generating reduction water for seawater desalination

Our Location

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l 공장 l FACTORY ㅣ



water&people Group Korea-Ceramic.com